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Too often SEO is treated like sorcery and mysticism or a self help system. We have over 10 years of experience treating SEO like a business and a business tool. Our goal is to help drive traffic and sales to your business’s website.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is esentially business consulting for a website. A good SEO strategy capitalizes on discovery, layout, design, UI/UX, content, imagery, and coding. It really is the culmination of a smart web build. This in turn drives traffic, generates leads, and converts the bottom line… sales.

We take what our clients do best and unleash their potential. Taking a brand’s potential and transforming it into business performance. Executing customized plans for our clients, never cookie cutter products/services that larger agencies try to push at premium prices. There is no “one-size-fits all” when it comes to our approach, we treat SEO as the customized service that it is.

This is the power of working with a small business versus an agency. As a small company we have the advantage of keeping things small and intimate between us and our clients. This allows us to set real expectations and manage them in a small group. This benefits those concerned with performance metrics and “right-sized” solutions and not padding billable hours, licensing fees loosely attached to open source software, or oversized products smaller sites just do not need.

ADA and Accessability Consulting

Digital ADA and Accessability Consulting

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Let’s be clear SEO is not a light switch that can be turned on/off and there is no cookie-cutter formula to follow in SEO, every website is unique in its needs and strategies to drive traffic to where it needs to be and converts how you want. At Fuelist Digital, SEO starts at the foundation of your website and understanding your ultimate goals before building a uniquely specific plan, because what SEO is to us, is a business tool that capitalizes on the best attributes of your company and product and at the same time establishes a place where your company can grow from.

Every SEO journey begins with an end goal. Our first step is understanding where your business is today, branding strategy, content voice and conversion goals that will determine your success. Even in the most competitive markets, every business is at a different growth stage and every product is unique. Our SEO strategy for your business will be just as unique


By auditing your competitors, it allows us to understand their strengths and exploit their weaknesses. In addition to fighting major keywords head to head, we also seek to build site authority by uniquely positioning your brand’s value proposition against the competition. A deep dive into search keywords for your industry, competition and product provides valuable insights into how customers are searching your category.

Utilizing a variety of tools and proprietary software we can assess areas of opportunity to grow the number of ranking keywords in addition to rising in ranks on search terms that matter the most.


If your site is bogged down with slow load speeds, all your keywords and content won’t stop Google from ignoring your pages. Equally important to our SEO techniques is optimizing your code to spoon-feed information to Google in the fashion they prefer. Our team will implement best practices for Site Crawlability, Headings, Page Meta and Titles, Structured Data, AMP Integration, Sitemaps, Javascript Conflicts, CSS and Mobile CSS Conflicts and Error Pages that would cause Google to ignore your site.

We continue monitoring your analytics, site’s performance and will make necessary adjustments when Google adjusts its algorithm. SEO is an ongoing process of defensive and offensive strategies between you, Google and your competition. Consistent adjustments to your SEO strategy and continued content generation are vital to maintaining the performance increases we will deliver

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