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As explained on our SEO Consulting page, SEO is a Digital Marketing process that aims to drive more, quality traffic to a website, from search engines. A Search Engine like Google receives 5.6 billion searches per day. Businesses investing in SEO compete to rank as a top search result for certain searches that are likely to bring them new customers. Some search terms are more competitive than others and require more effort to rank for, because the user making the search is more likely to convert to a customer. For example, Person A googles “Patent Lawyer NYC”, and Person B googles “How to legally protect my invention from theft during a pitch”. Person A is more likely to require the services of a patent lawyer in NYC sooner than Person B, who is still doing their research (but may still later on require a patent lawyer). While Person B’s search may still have value for a patent lawyer in NYC, the first search term is more focused, making it more competitive to rank in the top spots for. What’s Local SEO? Local SEO is the process of optimizing the website and online presence of a business to rank for local business search terms, such as “Patent Lawyer near me”. This is also what puts businesses on the map search results, and map applications such as Google Maps. How Can Local SEO Help Grow My Business? Local SEO is one of the most poweful ways for a business operating in a smaller geographical area to get new customers. Recent studies show that 46% of the billions of daily Google searches are people looking for local information. If a user is on mobile, 88% of the time, they either visit or call a business that shows up in those results within 24 hours of the search. That’s a lot of potential customers for most kinds of local businesses, beating the potential of any kind of foot traffic in a local area.

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