Maximizing ROI for search engines as well as our clients is the name of the game.

Your site is the foundation of your SEO success. Fuelist Digital goes above and beyond on your site to make sure your it's ready for search engine crawls.

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Technical SEO is a holistic approach to ranking your site at the top of the search results.

This requires your site to not only be fast and efficient, but to also take the search engine into consideration when targeting your customer base.

Search engines like Google need to be catered to in many ways, much the way your customer base needs to be catered to. Google wants a fast site that has clearly defined sections and areas that guide your users to their end goals.

Areas of Optimization



Keywords help us understand the intent behind your target audience's searches. Keywords can be part of a technical SEO as well as an on-page SEO optimization. We use search intent to build and modify pages on your website to rank better and stand out from the rest.


Structured Data

This is a layer to your content hidden in (or, often, missing from) the code of your website. Search engines look for structured data to help them understand key data points about your services or products.



Images loaded correctly in the right format and size can directly, and indirectly, play part in increasing search engine rankings and user engagement.



Indexing a page from your website means getting it on search engines like Google. We help get your pages indexed where they need to be: Google Search, Google News, Discover, and more.



Internal and External linking play a huge role in giving pages on your website authority over others in search engines. Correct internal linking can also be used to improve crawlability, and internal links are used to structure websites to help search engines categorize content on them.


URL Structure

URLs should be designed to improve click-through rates, relieve user confusion, and to help improve search results.



Unnecessary redirects anchor websites down by increasing crawl times, and thousands of them can stem from a single source. We make sure to find and resolve all redirect issues.


Site Errors

404s, 500s, Google Search Console errors and broken code all lead to lower search rankings, bad user experiences and abandoned shopping carts. We're here to monitor your site for errors and fix them.


Coding Considerations

A lot of SEO —and sometimes most of it— happens in the code of your website. We can develop, modify, and manage existing code to make sure your website isn't bottlenecking your SEO efforts.

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Ensuring that the search engines are finding benefit from your site is key to a successful SEO strategy.

We know how and where to position SEO in your organization to maximize growth and sustainability.

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One of the often overlooked aspects of SEO is the search engine’s ROI.

Ensuring that the search engines are finding benefit from your site is key to a successful SEO strategy. Search engines rely on crawling your website for data and relevancy to search results. Making sure your site can be quickly crawled and indexed while maximizing the content and experience on your page becomes a bit of an art form.

Often this starts with optimizing a site's code, and the various ways in which code is rendered. Search engines like Google have put out several tools to check and validate page speed. However, often these tools are misused. For instance, many of our customers have significantly higher mobile traffic, but their desktop sales are considerably higher than sales from mobile devices.

This might leave you to believe that your desktop experience is priority over mobile. As much as it is benificial to optimize for a better user experience, in reality, we know that search engines are prioritizing “mobile first” and are looking at mobile page speeds as an indexing metric. Because of this, you also need to treat Google as an important customer, to open the door to the thousands of potential customers it has searching its index. Google is a gate keeper.

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