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In an increasingly competitive real estate market, legal expertise is more important than ever. Of course, that doesn’t mean it’s easy to consistently net the clients you deserve. As a real estate lawyer, you face challenges that other legal professionals simply don’t understand. Your location, economic conditions, market trends—these are just a few of the factors that affect client volume. Building a profitable practice is hard in any arena, let alone in one that fluctuates so drastically. Even if you’re able to navigate the economic peaks and valleys of real estate, you’re faced with another issue: How do you get clients to pick you over so many well-established, wealthy firms? How can you compete when your marketing budget is a fraction of theirs? Rest assured, digital dominance is doable—especially with the right co-conspirator. That’s because online success isn’t about how much money you spend on marketing—it’s about where you focus your efforts. As premier digital marketing strategists, Fuelist Digital has helped countless clients build sustainable growth, not with ad dollars, but with the most powerful tool around: real estate lawyer SEO. If you’ve read this far, you know that something’s not working. Your marketing strategy is missing a crucial element, even if you’re unsure what it is. Take a deep breath; you’re in the right place to figure it out. “If you want more leads than you know what to do with, Fuelist is the place to go! Eric is an SEO expert. He taught me that my website is not just a business card, it’s a tool!” – Nikole Mackenzie

Google Cares, but Not About Your Brand.

Most people who are unfamiliar with SEO and digital marketing assume that the thing that’s holding them back is brand. If they only had a shinier image and catchier slogan, they’d be able to increase their clientele…But that’s a misconception. The reality is that when people need an attorney, they look to Google. As the primary arbiter of local information, Google generates what it considers to be the best answer to queries. To get more website clicks, more leads and better clients, you only need to impress Google. But what does a search engine care about? Here’s a hint: Not your brand. Google isn’t concerned with aesthetics; it cares about quality, specifically, the quality of your online products. Unaware you had any? Don’t think about products as goods, but rather as digital assets. This includes all of your online capital, from your website to service listings to media. At the end of the day, that’s what SEO’s all about: Optimizing your online assets to position YOU as Google’s best answer to relevant search queries. To determine their quality, Google determines whether your digital products meet ROI requirements through metrics like page speed, structured data, keyword-targeted content and core web vitals. By analyzing your competitors’ KPIs, our SEO specialists pinpoint weak spots in your online presence and design your strategy accordingly. Google’s ultimate goal is to provide users with the best, most relevant results, and it determines the best based on quality. Highly customizable and based on measurable factors, SEO is the best way to gain favor with Google and rise through the search results.

Paying for Leads Is a Great Way to Go Broke. 

Many of our legal clients come to us after they’ve been put through the ringer with a marketing or ad agency. Dejected and over-budget, they wonder why throwing money at a pay-per-click campaign didn’t work. It’s not their fault; they’re not marketing experts. They expected what they were told to expect. If you’ve somehow managed to avoid getting sucked into a whirlwind of promises and breaking the bank on a disappointing campaign, you’re lucky. Despite what anyone tells you, paying for leads will never be a cost-effective strategy. That’s because when an ad campaign is over, it hasn’t done anything to increase the value of your website. You may see a temporary uptick in traffic or get a few more leads, but more likely than not, the results are short-lived and underwhelming. In contrast, real estate lawyer SEO provides value with potential for exponential growth. By optimizing your website and making your online assets more attractive to Google, it increases your ROI over time and delivers consistent, measurable results. In terms of cost-effectiveness, comparing SEO with paying for leads is like evaluating whether it’s better to buy a reliable vehicle or rent a lamborghini every day for a month. It may not be as flashy, but you’ll own it. And it will reliably get you from point A to B for years.

Legal SEO Positions Your Practice as the Right Answer. 

With limitless options every time you open a browser, it’s hard to believe that the internet is still primarily used as a search engine. Yet data suggests that about 70% of online interactions start with search, 46% of which are geared toward local services and information. That means that when someone needs a real estate attorney, they’ll probably use a search phrase like “real estate attorney near me” or “real estate lawyer in _____.” In response, Google will generate what it deems the best-fitting websites, and yours needs to be among them, preferably at the top. If you’re not in the first handful of results, you’re missing out on a ton of potential leads; if you’re not on the first page, you may be in trouble. Luckily, our SEO specialists understand every factor that matters to Google and how to improve yours. By targeting your exact services in your area and pushing the most relevant keywords to your practice, we position your real estate practice as the ideal answer to related local searches. We consider every factor that matters to Google, from trust and credibility to schema to local reviews, and optimize to ensure that nothing is holding you back from the top. Eric and Logan were insightful in pointing out to me how I could improve my presence on Google. I would not have known how to do this without their help. I greatly appreciate the expertise that they brought to me and to my business, Writer For Hire, in helping me gain better visibility!” – Pat Kramer

Fuelist Delivers Top-Tier SEO for Real Estate Lawyers.

Looking for a quick hit of leads or a spike in traffic? You won’t find it here. However, you will find a sustainable solution for growth that increases your website’s value over time. Our specialists achieve real, lasting results by focusing their efforts on five vital factors: local SEO, web content, page speed, schema and backlinks.

Local SEO

Local SEO is just what it sounds like: optimizing your website for local searches. For lawyers with brick-and-mortar establishments, local SEO is absolutely essential. That’s because when someone does a local search for real estate lawyers, Google displays the top three results more prominently, pinpointing their location in Google Maps. This coveted placement is called the Map Pack, and it gets between 44% and 61% of total clicks for local searches. Local SEO can take you there.


Your website content isn’t just a pile of words and information. It’s an opportunity to work in your keyword strategy, which plays a pivotal role in ranking your website for your desired keywords. When it’s well-written, original and optimized, your website content not only engages with potential clients, but also identifies your website to Google. That’s why it’s not enough to write it yourself or hire the cheapest freelancer or use AI—you need expertly written, highly-optimized legal content.

Page Speed

It’s not just that a slow-loading website will increase your bounce rate and decimate your leads; it will also draw negative attention from Google. Remember: Google’s number one goal is to provide the best possible answer to online queries, and slow, glitchy pages are not the best. No matter what’s slowing your real estate lawyer website down—bulky codes, unoptimized images, too much flash content—our specialists will find it, fix it and prevent it from happening in the future.


As one of the more complex aspects of real estate attorney SEO, schema requires an expert touch. However, the concept of schema is pretty simple: It’s a code that translates your website to Google, including essential information about the meaning and relationship between entities. In turn, expertly written schema markup provides exactly what Google is looking for—quality results for users.


Despite what some vendors would like you to believe, backlinks aren’t enough to rank your website. They are only useful as part of a larger, full-spectrum SEO strategy, and not all of them are good. In fact, links that come from shady, unoptimized and irrelevant websites can actually hurt your standing with Google. Luckily, our SEO specialists can help you design a backlink strategy that utilizes the right type and amount of links to improve your website authority.

Real Estate Lawyer SEO Shields You from Stagnation in an Unpredictable Market. 

The real estate market is tricky to navigate. The only thing you can really count on is fluctuation, which isn’t exactly a recipe for steady growth. Luckily, Fuelist Digital can help you design a customized SEO strategy to deliver consistent results. This isn’t a fairytale; real results don’t grow overnight. They take a little time to gain momentum, which is why you need to get started now if you want to outrank the competition. Ready to work smarter? Contact Fuelist Digital today and schedule your no-obligation, totally free SEO consultation.

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