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Google’s Internal Search Documents Leaked

A bombshell report came out this week, Google has accidentally leaked internal documentation for their Search API called, Content Warehouse API. This repository contained detailed instructions on how Google’s search systems operate. This is a big one for search engine optimization professionals and this leak has significant implications, as it reveals much about Google’s search…


Lawyers, Your Face Doesn’t Belong on Your Homepage

Personal branding is important for lawyers and law firms, we do not want to take anything away from that. However, when prospective clients land on a law firm’s website they are seeking a bridge connecting their needs with the solutions they seek. This is not about you, and this is not about your law firm.…


SEO Creates Opportunity for ROI in Digital ADA Accessibility

Many businesses are facing the reality that the American Disability Act now applies to their physical locations as well as their digital properties. Many companies are struggling to build sites that adhere to the guidelines set forth by the WC3s Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG). On top of that implementing ADA guidelines to make websites…


Core Web Vitals URL Grouping: Rankings Affected.

One of the newer and sneakier Core Web Vitals updates can give a single slow page on your website the power to take down many others with it.


Search Console, Lawyer Websites and ?refpageviewid=

During a routine Google Search Console check on one of our law firm client’s website, we came across a rather odd set of pages excluded from indexing.
All of the page URLs ended in the same query string, “?refpageviewid=”, and we needed to know where it was coming from.


SEO Corporate Structure

A challenge that many companies face with implementing effective SEO is finding the right spot within their corporate structure. The big uphill battle for any corporate structure to take on when adopting an SEO an effective strategy is giving the latitude to execute on it. Experience One of the barriers to proper corporate adoption is…


Case Study: The Importance of Blogs in Ecommerce

Intro In all walks of life, we should learn from our successes and our failures alike. While most SEO case studies you come across on the internet will tout tremendous gains an SEO provided their client, this situation is a tale of what not to do. Unfortunately, this is a story where our SEO strategy…


Case Study: Google Search Update Recovery – Google Medic Update

At the end of September 2018 Fuelist Digital took on a small e-commerce client who sold medical related products. They had been directly and negatively affected by the Google Medic Search update that was rolled out in the first week of August 2018. The client had a number of theories as to what had caused them to…

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