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SEO for Law Firms

In recent years, the legal industry has become one of the most competitive industries for gaining leads online. Most lawyers have realized that in order to have an edge over their competitors, they must have a very strong internet presence. If you are a lawyer or a law firm and you are thinking about elevating your online marketing, you may want to learn everything about legal practice or law firm SEO.

Of course, SEO is a broad subject that applies to every industry. However, to make the most of it, you must use it in a way that works best within your specific niche.

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How Website Design Impacts SEO Performance

Search engine optimization begins with your website design. No SEO strategy will help you unless you first design an attractive website that people actually want to visit. No one likes to wait. If your website is unresponsive or takes too long to load, you might be losing potential customers even before they see what you can offer. In other words, your site must provide your visitors with an enjoyable viewing experience.

When people like what they see on your site, they’re more likely to come back or even recommend you to friends and family. Don’t underestimate this type of word of mouth marketing, even if it’s nowhere near as effective as a professional SEO campaign.

Creating Quality SEO Content

Having an appealing website and using the best local keywords is not enough. You must also create content that will grab visitors’ attention and keep them engaged. Quality content is an integral part of SEO for realtors. In conjunction with quality content, you want to tastefully add relevant keyword phrases that increase the authority of the page.

However, be careful with the number of keywords you use in a piece of content. The practice of overusing keywords to achieve a better ranking is called keyword stuffing and can lead to penalization.

At Fuelist SEO, we use a thematic keyword research process to locate the highest value keywords and create themes around the search, much like Google’s processes. This gives your site the best opportunity to receive organic search traffic full of potential customers who want what you have to offer.

Focusing on Geo-Specific Keywords

When incorporating keywords into your website content, you want them to be as local-specific as possible. This is because prospective buyers will not just key in “personal injury attorney” or “property lawyer” they will also add the location in any of those phrases.

Figure out your target area and then work with our team to find the most appropriate local SEO approach.

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Learn more about SEO for area of law

If you’d like to learn more about not only SEO for lawyers but also your specific area of law, like estate planning, tax law, criminal defense or divorce, browse our learning resources for these areas:

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