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As an attorney, your livelihood depends on your ability to get new clients. But in the field of employment law, that’s easier said than done. Employment law is chocked full of well-established firms that have spent years cementing their reputations and relationships, which means competition is fierce—despite a high demand for their services. Attorneys must also navigate frequently changing laws and their local variations, all while remaining experts in a broad range of employment issues. If you’re just getting started in employment law, you’re probably still searching for a way to set yourself apart from the pack. If you’re not, you probably have a pretty good idea of what doesn’t work, which is why you’re here. Here’s the good news: No matter where you’re at in your legal career, Fuelist Digital can help you build real, sustainable growth with employment lawyer SEO. By optimizing your website to meet Google’s most important metrics, we make your website more attractive to Google—which is essential to ranking high in the search results. Not sure why it matters? Even if you don’t know much about SEO, you intuitively understand the benefits of ranking on page one versus page five. When your website sits high in the search results, it gets more of everything: more clicks, more credibility and more opportunities to net new clients. As premier digital marketing strategists, we’re not interested in increasing your leads for a week or getting more followers for your Twitter account. We’re motivated by measurable results that grow exponentially with time. Ready to take your employment law practice to the next level? Keep reading to learn how to get there and why we’re the best digital marketing strategists to take you there. “If you want more leads than you know what to do with, Fuelist is the place to go! Eric is an SEO expert. He taught me that my website is not just a business card, it’s a tool!” – Nikole Mackenzie

What Does Google Really Care About? Hint: It’s Not Your Brand.

Whereas an individual may be swayed by your tasteful branding, Google isn’t. Your brand, logo, slogan—these aesthetics mean nothing to a search engine. Google cares about one thing: Providing the best possible website answers to online queries. To make this determination, Google looks at the quality of your online products. If you’re like most lawyers, you weren’t aware you had online products, but you do. They include all of your digital assets, from your website and its text content to service listings and media—any piece of digital capital connected to your website. To assess quality, Google looks at whether your assets meet ROI requirements through metrics like page speed, structured data, keyword-targeted content and core web vitals. As legal SEO specialists, our job is to optimize your digital assets to increase their value in Google’s eyes. By analyzing your competitors’ KPIs, we pinpoint specific weak spots in your online presence and design your strategy accordingly. Although complex, SEO can be easily understood as superior product marketing based on measurable factors.

Paying for Leads Isn’t a Sustainable Growth Strategy.

If you’ve tried paid advertising before, you’re not alone. The reality is that it offers some benefits when used sparingly, strategically and in conjunction with a larger plan. The mistake that most lawyers make is relying solely on paid advertising to grow their business. It simply won’t happen, and here’s why. As we’ve established, Google ranks websites according to the quality of its assets. While paying for leads may earn you a temporary uptick in traffic or a flurry of leads, it simply isn’t able to provide what Google’s looking for. That’s because it doesn’t offer any optimization or value to your website, which is your most important product. Conversely, employment lawyer SEO adds value every step of the way. Its entire approach is built around optimizing your assets according to Google’s metrics—it’s in the very name. These optimization methods increase your ROI over time, which is why it’s the best tool for sustainable growth. Paying for leads has its place but is ultimately incapable of generating cost-effective results in comparison to SEO. Eric and Logan were insightful in pointing out to me how I could improve my presence on Google. I would not have known how to do this without their help. I greatly appreciate the expertise that they brought to me and to my business, Writer For Hire, in helping me gain better visibility!” – Pat Kramer

Fuelist Harnesses a Five-Tiered Approach for Maximum Growth.

If you’re trying to net a big client by tomorrow, SEO’s not for you. Just like any custom project, SEO takes a little time to gain momentum. But once everything is in motion, it delivers measurable, repeatable results—unlike the spotty outcomes characteristic of paid campaigns. As a holistic approach to online growth, it is multi-layered in nature. At Fuelist Digital, we approach SEO for employment lawyers with a focus on five vital factors: local SEO, web content, page speed, schema and backlinks.

1. Local SEO

Like the name suggests, local SEO is all about optimizing your website for local searches. It’s a crucial strategy for every type of attorney, but especially for employment lawyers. That’s because, unlike most legal fields, employment laws and regulations are highly variable according to location. For local searches, Google generates a little something extra in the search results. At the top of the results page it typically features three listings more prominently and pinpoints their locations on Google Maps. These three spots are known as the Map Pack, and they get between 44% and 61% of total clicks for local searches. If you want your practice to appear there, you need a local SEO strategy.

2. Content

Legal content is more than text or information—it’s an opportunity to work in your keyword strategy. This is particularly important for employment lawyers because people in need of their services often use high-intent searches related to their specific issues. By targeting niche keywords and long-tail search queries specific to your practice, you can capture significantly more leads and secure more clients.

3. Page Speed

It may not seem like a big deal, but a slow-loading page can wreak havoc on your online growth. In addition to increasing your bounce rate and frustrating visitors, a slow, glitchy website signals to Google that something’s not right. Google’s main goal is to provide top-quality search results to its users, so if your page isn’t optimized, Google is likely to deprioritize it.

4. Schema

Simply put, schema is a code that translates your website to Google. Also known as structured data, schema markup relays critical information, including the meaning and relationship between entities. Ultimately, it helps Google understand your content so it can better represent you in its search results. Our SEO experts can evaluate your website’s current schema and adjust where necessary.

5. Backlinks

When done correctly, link-building can increase your website’s authority and visibility in the search results. However, the wrong links pointing to your site can tank it. To be truly useful, backlinks need to come from top-quality websites that are relevant to your practice area. If your website needs more backlinks, we’ll help you find the ideal type and quantity of links.

Fuelist Digital: Helping You Capture More Leads, Clients and Website Value

Employment law issues are increasingly common, and employees across sectors rely on you to find justice. But it won’t happen if they can’t find you online first. Employment lawyer SEO isn’t a magic trick or wonder drug for your website. It won’t take you to the top overnight, but it is the only digital marketing tool that can deliver the sustainable growth you need to improve your rank. The sooner you get started, the sooner you see results, so why not start today? Exploring your options is as simple as contacting Fuelist Digital online to schedule your free SEO consultation.

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