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As a bankruptcy lawyer, you typically meet clients when they’re at a low point. Most never expected to file for bankruptcy, and they feel dejected by the process. They just want to put it all behind them and get the collectors off their backs. That’s not exactly a scenario brimming with advertising potential. Even if you usher them into a better financial future and help them discharge substantial debt, they’ll still remember the whole experience as the time they went bankrupt. And despite its accuracy, “your advocate in times of financial ruin” may not be a great way to sell your services. So how do you set your practice apart and get enough clients to avoid your own bankruptcy? It’s simple: You make clicking your website effortless. By ranking high in Google’s search results, you position yourself as the ostensible authority and an obvious choice. There’s no research, no due diligence required because you’re a highly rated bankruptcy attorney whose website is prioritized by Google. Although the answer is simple, getting there isn’t. You can’t buy your way to the top or earn it with your acumen. The only way to get there is by optimizing your website according to Google’s most important metrics, which is exactly the goal of SEO for bankruptcy lawyers. At Fuelist Digital, we’re not interested in quick fixes and temporary gains. As premier digital marketing strategists, we deal in sustainable solutions and measurable results. If you’re interested in taking your bankruptcy law practice to the next level and fueling organic, exponential growth, we’ve got you covered. Keep reading to learn the mechanics of our legal SEO strategy and why we’re the best firm to help you rise the ranks in Google. “If you want more leads than you know what to do with, Fuelist is the place to go! Eric is an SEO expert. He taught me that my website is not just a business card, it’s a tool!” – Nikole Mackenzie

Brand Is for Influencers. Google Wants Quality.

Google isn’t an aesthete. Its razor-sharp analytics aren’t designed to evaluate something as subjective as brand. But most people don’t know that. Professionals across industries seem to think that spiffing up their brand, maybe taking some new firm photos or redesigning their logo, will make them the obvious choice to potential clients. Although your slick new branding may impress some potential clients, they’ll never see it if you’re buried on page four. The only reliable way to climb up the search results and outrank the competition is SEO for bankruptcy lawyers. In simplest terms, SEO is a website marketing strategy that gives Google what it wants in terms of metrics in exchange for higher rankings. And what Google wants is to provide its users with the best-fitting, highest quality products possible, aka, your online assets. To Google, your practice’s online products are all of the digital assets connected to your website, from the site itself to text content to media. Google assesses the quality of these assets by whether they meet ROI requirements through metrics like page speed, structured data, keyword targeted content and core web vitals. By analyzing your competitors’ KPIs, our SEO specialists can pinpoint the specific weak points in your online presence and customize an optimization strategy accordingly. That’s why our specialists refer to SEO as superior product marketing based on measurable factors.

Paying for Leads Won’t Take You There.

Many of the attorneys who come to us have tried some form of digital marketing in the past, specifically paid advertising. Regardless of the details, the result is almost always the same: a temporary spike in traffic, a quick burst of leads and then business as usual—no substantive change. If you’ve managed to avoid this unfortunate scenario, you’ve saved yourself a small fortune and a lot of disappointment. No matter how you slice it, paying for leads will never be a cost-effective strategy because it doesn’t add any value to your website. In contrast, SEO is all about adding value, which is why it’s the best tool for sustained, exponential growth. By making your online products more attractive to Google, our optimization methods increase your ROI over time. Although paid advertising is sometimes useful when used sparingly and in conjunction with SEO, it can’t generate consistent (or cost-effective) results the way a comprehensive optimization strategy can.

SEO Shapes Your Website into Google’s Ideal Asset.

Despite its limitless options for usage, the internet is still primarily a search engine. Data suggests that roughly 70% of all online interactions start with a search query, 46% of which are geared toward local offerings and information. In terms of brick-and-mortar businesses and location-specific services, the number of local searches is even higher. This is especially true for professional practices like legal services. That means that when someone needs a bankruptcy lawyer to guide them through the steps, they’re probably not searching online for a directory or referral service. They’re cutting out the middleman and Googling terms like “bankruptcy lawyer near me” or “bankruptcy attorney in _____.” We can help ensure that you’re the answer they find. At Fuelist Digital, our expertise comes from an intimate understanding of how Google evaluates, sorts and ranks websites. Because we understand what makes an online asset valuable to Google, we’re able to shape your digital presence to reflect that. After conducting thorough research, our SEO specialists target specific services in your local area and push the keywords most relevant to your practice area. We consider every metric that matters to Google, from trust and credibility to schema and local reviews, to establish you as an authority. When our optimizations are stable, we present YOU as the best answer to relevant queries, which is exactly the type of value Google loves to provide to its users. Eric and Logan were insightful in pointing out to me how I could improve my presence on Google. I would not have known how to do this without their help. I greatly appreciate the expertise that they brought to me and to my business, Writer For Hire, in helping me gain better visibility!” – Pat Kramer

Digital Dominance Requires a Full-Spectrum Approach.

If you need instant gratification, SEO isn’t for you. It takes a little time to come to fruition, just like when you commission any other custom build. But unlike the spotty results and mysteries that riddle paid advertising campaigns, SEO delivers measurable, repeatable results. Rather than just one method or tool, SEO utilizes several strategies to form a holistic approach. In terms of SEO for bankruptcy lawyers, Fuelist Digital focuses on the five most vital factors: local SEO, web content, page speed, schema and backlinks.

Local SEO

When you conduct a local search like “Mexican restaurants near me,” Google will add a little something extra to the results. At the very top of the page, Google will most likely feature three restaurants with each one’s location pinpointed in Google Maps. This coveted placement is known as the Map Pack, and it gets between 44% and 61% of total clicks for local searches. Naturally, that’s where you need to be, and local SEO can get you there.


Your legal website is not your digital diary or a place to flex your writing skills. It’s not a depository for all your fun legal stories or a chance to explore the complexities of bankruptcy law. Your website content is an opportunity to work in your highly researched keyword strategy, so that Google can identify and rank your site for specific search phrases. Each blog, landing page and description on your site needs to be populated with rich, original content, written by someone who specializes in SEO writing—not by the cheapest writer-for hire, AI, or (no offense) you.

Page Speed

If your site doesn’t fully load in two to three seconds, you’re losing visitors to slow page speed. That’s a shame for a couple of reasons. Not only are you fumbling at the goal line and increasing your bounce rate, but you’re also signaling to Google that something is wrong. A poorly optimized website that’s glitchy and slow loading causes a poor user experience, and Google hates that. As a result, it may deprioritize your site in the search results, pushing you further and further down. Luckily, our specialists are pros at diagnosing and correcting page speed issues.


In simplest terms, schema is a code that translates your website to Google in a way it can understand. Comprised of structured data, schema markup communicates essential information about your site, including the meaning and relationship between entities. It is one of the more complex aspects of technical SEO and should only be overseen by a specialist.


Don’t let shifty backlink vendors fool you: More backlinks is not always better, and it’s certainly not the solution to getting more leads. In fact, the wrong type of backlink can do major damage to your site, tank its authority and more. To be useful, backlinks need to be part of a larger SEO strategy and should come from high-quality sources relevant to your practice area. Our link building specialists can help you design a strategy that uses the ideal type and quantity of links pointing to your site.

Let’s Get Your Website to the People Who Need It Most.

Bankruptcy law isn’t all sparkles and rainbows; it isn’t punctuated by the fun legal stuff, like newborn adoptions and settlements. It’s difficult work, and many bankruptcy attorneys go the extra mile just to ensure a client escapes insurmountable debt. As a skilled bankruptcy lawyer, you’ve got enough on your plate without advertising your services. With SEO for bankruptcy lawyers, Fuelist Digital can bring the leads to you. Ready to bring consistent growth to your business? Contact us to schedule your no-obligation, totally free SEO consultation today.

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