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When a company or corporation acts in a way that harms consumers, it needs to be held accountable. To affected consumers, however, going up against a major company is a daunting prospect that is unlikely to yield results. As a consumer protection attorney, it’s your job to help them find justice. However, you’ll never get the chance if consumers can’t find you. To be there for the people who need you most, you need a robust online presence. In a competitive field like consumer protection, traditional marketing methods aren’t enough. If you’re struggling to establish yourself as a top consumer protection lawyer in your area, you’ve come to the right place. As digital marketing strategists who specialize in SEO, we understand exactly how Google evaluates, sorts and ranks websites like yours. More importantly, we know how to make your website more attractive to Google. No matter where you’re at in your legal career, Fuelist Digital can help you build real, sustainable growth. With our top-tier consumer protection attorney marketing, your fully optimized website will meet Google’s most vital metrics. That means more leads, better clients and more online authority for your practice. Keep reading to learn how. “If you want more leads than you know what to do with, Fuelist is the place to go! Eric is an SEO expert. He taught me that my website is not just a business card, it’s a tool!” – Nikole Mackenzie

To Win Online, You Need to Think Like Google.

The vast majority of your future clients will find you online—it’s just the reality. However, the amount of new clients you capture is up to you. Although traditional marketing efforts can increase name recognition, it’s not enough to grow your practice, at least not anymore. Life happens online, and that’s where you need to meet it. And when it comes to search engines, there’s no entity mightier than Google. Your ability to conform to Google’s metrics will be critical to your online success. You probably understand that to get in front of more potential clients, your website needs to rank high in Google’s search results. But what you probably don’t know is how to entice that kind of prioritization. Here’s a hint: It’s not with your brand. Google couldn’t care less about your brand, your slogan or logo; it doesn’t care whether your aesthetic sensibilities are tasteful or gaudy. What it does care about is the quality of your online products, which include all of your digital assets. From your website design to videos testimonials to text content, your digital capital is Google’s primary concern. Google determines your rank based on whether your products meet its ROI requirements through metrics like page speed, structured data, keyword-targeted content and core web vitals. As your digital marketing partner, it’s our job to optimize every asset connected to your website in order to make it more valuable in Google’s eyes. We analyze your competitors’ KPIs in order to pinpoint your vulnerabilities and design your SEO strategy accordingly. That’s why we consider SEO to be superior product marketing based on measurable factors.

You Can’t Pay Your Way to the Top of the Search Results.

Even if you’ve never tried SEO, there’s a good chance you’ve tried some sort of digital marketing. Maybe you launched an ad campaign or paid for engagement on social media. Whatever type of advertising you paid for, the result was likely the same: a quick hit of leads, a temporary uptick in website traffic and then business as usual. If you’ve been disappointed by a paid campaign, you’re not alone. Many of the professionals who come to us have been through the advertising ringer. Make no mistake: Paying for leads has its place. However, it needs to be used sparingly and as a part of a larger, SEO-driven campaign. As a primary marketing strategy, paying for leads is incapable of delivering lasting results because when the ad cycle is over, it hasn’t added any value to your website. In contrast, our SEO for consumer protection attorneys is all about adding value. Every optimization technique is designed to increase the quality of your digital assets, trust and credibility. By consistently increasing your ROI, SEO continues to benefit your business long after your paid ads have ended. That’s why it’s the best tool for sustainable growth in digital marketing. Eric and Logan were insightful in pointing out to me how I could improve my presence on Google. I would not have known how to do this without their help. I greatly appreciate the expertise that they brought to me and to my business, Writer For Hire, in helping me gain better visibility!” – Pat Kramer

Fuelist Designs Each SEO Strategy Around 5 Vital Factors.

If you want to climb the search results, you need to utilize more than one technique. That’s why SEO uses a multi-tiered approach to digital marketing for consumer protection lawyers. We achieve comprehensive optimization by harnessing the five most powerful factors: local SEO, web content, page speed, schema and backlinks.

1. Local SEO

Most people don’t just Google “consumer protection lawyer” when they need your services; they search for location-specific terms. At the top of the search results, Google typically features three businesses, prominently displayed with their locations pinpointed in Google Maps. These spots are known as the Map Pack, they get a whopping 44% to 61% of total clicks for local searches. It’s where you want to be, and local SEO can get you there.

2. Content

Your website content isn’t just a bunch of informational text. It’s your opportunity to work in your keyword strategy, which is especially important for consumer protection lawyer websites. That’s because people in need of consumer protection services typically use high-intent queries related to specific issues. With an expertly devised content strategy, you can target niche keywords and the long-tail search phrases potential clients are more likely to use.

3. Page Speed

How long do you wait for a glitchy, slow website to load? If you’re like most people, you expect a site to fully load within two to three seconds. If yours takes longer, that’s a big problem. Not only does a slow loading page increase your site’s bounce rate and frustrate visitors, but it also tells Google that something’s wrong. To avoid providing sub-par results to its users, Google will likely deprioritize your page by burying it. Luckily, our SEO specialists can diagnose, locate and fix the issues that are slowing you down.

4. Schema

Google relies on indicators called schema to understand your website and its purpose. Schema (also called structured data) relays crucial information about your site, including the relationship between its entities. Schema translates your website’s most important elements in a way that Google can understand, allowing it to better represent you in the search results. Our SEO experts are schema pros and can ensure yours is working at its highest level.

5. Backlinks

When done right, getting backlinks can be a great way to build your website authority and visibility in the search results. The problem is that most people aren’t discriminating enough about which links they utilize. To benefit your site, backlinks need to come from high-quality sources that are relevant to practice areas. Links that point from shady, unrelated sites not only do nothing to bolster your site’s value but also hurt your standing with Google. If you need a backlink strategy, our link building specialists will help you find the ideal type and quantity.

Fuelist Digital: Helping You Capture More Leads, Clients and Website Value

You spend your time fighting for the little guy against big companies and corporations. In order to help more people, you need someone to advocate for you in the search results. In the world of legal SEO, there’s no better partner than Fuelist Digital. SEO is immediate; it won’t take you to the top overnight. But in terms of consumer protection attorney marketing, it is the only tool that can deliver the type of sustainable growth you need to improve your rank. When you’re ready to ensure your practice’s longevity and work with the best, contact us online to schedule your free SEO consultation.

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