SEO for News and Media Websites

We offer the right solution to leverage the operation of News and Media Agencies

Fuelist Digital understands your need to be the target market’s go-to website for news, updates, and information. As we streamline your operation, you can shift your focus on doing what you’re best at — getting the world informed.

We Build and Manage Large News Websites

We’re a full-service digital marketing company based in the San Francisco Bay Area. We can build, manage, modify, and most importantly optimize large news websites with dozens of thousands of pages. Whatever you need to achieve your goals, we will be at your service.

Get on Google News and Google “Discover”

Together, we’ll strike while the iron is hot. With SEO, your agency can do more than just announcing your presence. SEO can organize your website and make it easy to browse, so when people (and search engines) search for news and information, they won’t get lost. With the right technical SEO optimization on your web pages, Google can correctly crawl and index your page, and fast. Technical errors can stop you from being on Google News and other rich-result areas in search engines. Our team is made of seasoned SEO practitioners with extensive experience in the news and media industry. With their expertise, we’ll work to make your website rank higher in traffic-magnet spots for news articles, like on Google News and Google Discover.

Optimize for more Traffic, Subscirbers, and Ad Revenue

Getting more traffic is one part of the plan. We can help grow your subscribers, increase your ad revenue, get to growth levels that help attract sponsors, and help you achieve any other specific goals you have with your news or media website.

We Use SEO and User Experience as Business Growth Tools

Regardless of the industry, user experience is crucial in determining how your conversion rate will turn out. An intuitive, highly optimized, and relevant website could guarantee a higher conversion rate. If your audience, and search engines, don’t have to go through hoops to get the information they need, they’ll patronize you more.  We can do this, and more, for your news agency. We can start with an overall site audit to determine whether or not your web pages are optimized and responsive. In the process, we will also determine what needs to be done to make search engines crawl on these pages faster. After the entire site audit, we will draw a bespoke SEO and UX plan that will cover your site’s design, text, and media content.

How can SEO help news and media agencies?

Aside from owning the top spot in search engines’ results pages, SEO can help you introduce your brand to your target market, build a strong following, and position yourself as an authority in your niche. It will give you leverage from other news and media outfits. SEO brings you and the information you offer right at the palm of your target audience. 

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